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TED Talk: How do ideas happen ?

Another TED talk (I really like to watch them) about how do ideas happen in our mind, by Estanislao Bachrach.Watch it here. It’s in Spanish with English subtitles. Publicités

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30 jobs for artists

A lot of the time when we say that we are « an artist », people don’t really understand how we can make a living and they just see us as the myth of the staving and bohemian artist. I have found … Lire la suite

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The graphic design within the cinema

A little video showing scenes from different movies where they speak about graphic design.The one of American Psycho is really funny !

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Video clip

A cool video clip by Joel Mackenzie, with nice characters.

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How to start as an illustrator ?

I have just found this cool website this afternoon.It’s full of advices and resources for aspiring illustrator.Have a look to

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Quieres ser ilustrador ?

Un articulo muy bueno para toda la gente que aspira a ser ilustrador.Echad un vistazo en toda la web, esta llena de informaciones muy interesante !Aqui !

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talk: James Victore

The designer and artist James Victore had a really cool talk on 99U.For all the aspiring artists and designers is really inspiring ! Click here !

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