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Far out isn’t far enough: the Tomi Ungerer story

This documentary is definitely a MUST SEE for every art lovers, illustrator, graphic designer or whatever you are. « Far Out Isn’t Far Enough tracks the expansive life and prolific career of the subversive Alsatian artist Tomi Ungerer. Coming of age … Lire la suite

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Edward Sorel

« Edward Sorel (born Edward Schwartz, 26 March 1929, the Bronx) is an illustrator, caricaturist, cartoonist, and graphic designer whose work is known for its storytelling, its left-liberal social commentary its criticism of reactionary right-wing politics and organized religion. » wikipedia. If … Lire la suite

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Helvetica the movie

This movie is a must see for every graphic designer. It explains the history of one of the most popular and used typography: the Helvetica. We can also see the evolution of the use of typography with graphic designer like … Lire la suite

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Book : How to become a freelance illustrator

This book is a must have for every aspiring illustrator. It’s really useful, with a beautiful design and illustrations and very clear. You can read this nice revew from digitalartsonline. This beautiful book cover was done by Steve simpson one … Lire la suite

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The creative graduate’s guide to success

A very interesting article and guide from digitalartsonline for every graphic design or illustration’s graduate. Also recomendable for young graphic designer and illustrators. Check it here !

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Experimental typography

Few month ago I  drew this  experimental typography. I like to draw textures like this one. It’s something that put me in a meditative state and mood. I wish I could have more typography project like this soon !

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La creme de la creme

La crème de la crème is a really good webpage about graphic design and illustration. They interview a lot of famous artist and then make a text about their thoughts.It’s really inspiring, so don’t wait and go to read !

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