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Interview of Shaun Tan

I have just discovered this interview with the great illustrator and author Shaun Tan, which is pretty original because he answers just with his drawings ! Publicités

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Some of my recent sketchbook pages. I use to draw a lot of strange, weird and bizarre creatures, people or doodle. I hope you like them !

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Herb Lubalin

« Herbert F. (Herb) Lubalin (pron. « loob’-allen »; March 17, 1918 – May 24, 1981) was an American graphic designer. He collaborated with Ralph Ginzburg on three of Ginzburg’s magazines: Eros, Fact, and Avant Garde, and was responsible for the creative visual … Lire la suite

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Beautiful losers

« The film focuses on the careers and work of a collective group of artists who since the 1990s began a movement in the art world using D.I.Y. aesthetics from skateboarding, graffiti and underground music such as punk rock and hip-hop.[4] … Lire la suite

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18 habits of creative people

check it here

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« Journal intime » Publication in PNzine

The French and Basque skate fanzine PNzine has just published a text that I did. I wrote it like 4 years ago. I don’t really remember why or what, but it was here, somewhere in my computer. The name is … Lire la suite

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