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Slaves of the Rave

With his simply line and naive drawings, an absurd humor and a sociological approach, this little animation by William Garratt is pretty good.

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Ugo Gattoni art for Caravan Palace

A very cool animation video with illustrations by the very talented french illustrator Ugo Gattoni, for the nice french electro-swing band Caravan Palace. Enjoy the video as well as the music !

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L’Homme qui Plantait des Arbres – The Man Who Planted Trees (Jean Giono/Frederic Back)

A very beautiful, poetic and allegoric short animation film. Winner of the 1988’s Oscar for the best short animation film. Just watch it and you will understand ! English version: version française: Francés con subtítulos en castellano:

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

A nice animation film which won the Oscar in 2012.

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Série de 12 docmentaires typographique

Voila une série de petits film d’animation très bien réalisés, à la fois drôle et poétique, sur 12 des typographies les plus connues et les plus utilisées. A voir pour tous les graphistes et amateurs de typographie !

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Ryan Larkin

« Ryan Larkin (July 31, 1943 – February 14, 2007) was a Canadian animator, artist, and sculptor who rose to fame with the psychedelic Oscar-nominated short Walking (1968) and the acclaimed Street Musique (1972). He was the subject of the Oscar-winning … Lire la suite

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Video clip

A cool video clip by Joel Mackenzie, with nice characters.

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